Proletarian Feminist Code of Conduct

Proletarian Feminist Committee Charter

Recognizing​ the prescriptive program of the ​Center for Marxist Leninist-Maoist Studies​ as outlined in the ​On Standards of Feminist Conduct​ article posted to in 2013, which states that “The guiding principles outlined here should determine the formulation of organizational policies in the US on anti-women violence”

Recognizing​ that many organizations in Baltimore calling themselves Communists did not live up to their feminist principles by failing to…

1.Recognize, oppose, and make known violent male chauvinistic attitudes and actionsby their members

2.Prevent these chauvinistic members from committing sexual violence againstnon-men

3.Eject those members who had violated the feminist principles that the organizationclaimed to hold

4.Enact a program that gave justice and support to the victims of these violent acts

Recognizing ​that if FTP-Baltimore declares itself a Proletarian Feminist organization, it must:

  1. Create an internal structure that prioritizes the feminist struggle above the concerns of men
  2. Develop a culture that supports this structure
  3. Expose and struggle against male-chauvinism wherever it rises among the ranks of FTP-Baltimore or its comrades
  4. Have a process where any member accused of enactin patriarchal aggression, harassment, or violence against non-men, especially when such acts are sexual in nature, are stripped of membership and all membership privileges and are removed from organizing spaces immediately
  5. Only allow, with the guidance and consent of their victims, re-admittance to offending members who have publicly self-criticized and spent a period of time working for the proletarian feminist struggle outside of FTP-Baltimore organizing spaces.

a)This option should only be available to members whose transgression was non-violent in nature. Individuals with a history of patriarchal violence or abuse should be exposed and prevented from endangering others

The non-men of FTP-Baltimore will organize themselves into a ​Committee for Proletarian Feminist Practice​ which shall set for itself the following tasks:

1.Investigate and make statements on issues relating to proletarian feminism, and violations thereof, within FTP-Baltimore as well as allied and adjacent groups

2.Create a structure that prevents anti-feminist conduct or male violence against non-men

3.Enact a process of expulsion, criticism, and removal of members who have committed suchacts

4.Enforce a culture of Proletarian Feminist thought, and that prioritizes non-male leadership

Until such time as these structures can be fully developed, the Committee for Proletarian Feminist Practice shall defer to the guidance and principles outlined in the CMLMS article ​On Standards of Feminist Conduct.

Adopted unanimously by the Constitution Committee of FTP-Baltimore on 11 November, 2020

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