Application Process

Application Process for Membership

In the development of the FTP united-front model organization, we have encountered several promising members and associates through distinct avenues. Recognizing that everyone that interacts with us comes in unique ways for particular reasons, we will attempt to create a framework to streamline the process and increase the transparency. There are 4 main ways that we interact with the community: Internet, Mass Work, Social Investigation, and Outreach.

            -Vetting for FTP association or membership for Internet contacts: Given that these contacts are the least well known, this route shall have the most stringent rules and longest phase of vetting. This abundance of caution is in our effort to protect the vulnerable communities we serve. The process should take a month of regular communication, the member will participate in Political Education (Polied) Class with a senior member of FTP. The Polied will include studies on the Mass Line Theory of Leadership, the Mass Perspective, and Historical Materlism. The candidate should be assigned to the Auxiliary Corps, if they are not already working with a mass organization, and shown the rules of membership/ rules of conduct during actions.

             -Vetting for FTP association or membership for Mass Work contacts: These contacts are the most known and of least concern. Examples of this type of person are Houseless people from Tent City who have shown advanced interest in our work, Colonized prisoners from Baltimore Jail who are interested in our work, Non-men from our reprohotline who are leading and working with us actively. We should introduce our rules of membership, grant them access to our General Body meetings, recommend Polied to hone their revolutionary ideology.

            – Vetting for FTP association or membership for Social Investigation contacts: These folks are “fellow travellers” or communist sympathizers who are already at work in the community. They have experience organizing and have seen the revolutionary potential for joining the United Front organization. They should have a reputation in the community, confirmed to be helpful and consistent. These folks will determine their own pace of integration in the organization. They should have social capital and be willing to discuss revolutionary ideas with us. They should be offered access to general body meetings, and offered an interview to discuss our points of unity.

-Vetting for Organizations or Individuals that FTP does outreach for: These groups or people must be in service of the people, must not express anti-people ideas, and should be in the Baltimore City area. Beginning the relationship with a phone interview, where the FTP preamble is discussed and made clear that our goal is uniting people for Socialist Revolution. Clarify that FTP is a non-sectarian revolutionary organization, that is building a city-wide organization to unite people, unite with the advanced elements of the masses, and constitute a revolutionary party to combat the class enemies of the proletariat, guided by a materialist approach to scientific socialism.

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